LHS Project Graduation 2024


                                                          Our Seniors need                                                       your  support!


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 In 1979, the community of Oxford Hills, Maine experienced seven alcohol and drug related teen deaths during the commencement season of that year. In the wake of these tragedies, the community rallied together to offer the next year’s seniors a safe and alternative event. The party was held at the local fair grounds and called “Project Graduation”. The event was a huge success and became the model for the nation, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors in all states.  Project Graduation has become much more than an event that occurs on graduation night. It is a community-wide planning process that strives to create a caring, supportive and SAFE drug and alcohol free environment for our teenagers during this very exciting time in their lives. Leander High School has been providing Project Graduation since 1991.  Please join us and help make this a safe AND memorable evening for our graduates!