History of Project Graduation...

     In 1979, the community of Oxford Hills, Maine experienced seven alcohol and drug related teen deaths during the commencement season of that year. In the wake of these tragedies, the community rallied together to offer the next year’s seniors a safe and alternative event. The party was held at the local fair grounds and called “Project Graduation”. The event was a huge success and became the model for the nation, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors in all states. To read the original 1980 newspaper article, click on the link at the very bottom of this page. Project Graduation has become much more than an event that occurs on graduation night. It is a community-wide planning process that strives to create a caring, supportive and SAFE drug and alcohol free environment for our teenagers during this very exciting time in their lives. Leander High School has been providing Project Graduation since 1991. Each year, approximately 85% of the graduating class attends the FREE all-night event. Please join us and help make this a memorable evening for our graduates!


What is LHS Project Graduation, who plans it and why?
     Leander High School Project Graduation 2021 (LHS PG2021) is an all-night drug-free and alcohol-free party for all Leander graduating seniors on graduation night.  The LHS PG2021 committee of parent volunteers plans the event as part of a national effort to keep seniors safe and off the streets on graduation night.
When and where is the PG2020 event?
     PG2021 is a “lock-in” type event that will take place at YMCA Twin Lakes in Cedar Park, Texas.  For the 2020 seniors we were only able to hand out gift cards and raffle off the items that had already been donated.  We will try to have a celebration but if we are not able to we will do the gift cards again.

How do seniors sign up? What can they bring the night of event? Who chaperones?
     Graduating seniors and at least one parent must BOTH sign a completed permission form. On the date of the event, seniors must bring a photo ID (Driver’s License or LHS ID) to LHS for event check-in with Assistant Principal Kyla Mills/Amanda Thompson and/or parent volunteers. Cell phones/cameras are allowed at the event. No backpacks, purses or drink containers may be brought in. (Bathrooms will be stocked with necessities.) Hired security guards and LHS parent volunteers oversee students during the event.

What activities & food will be at PG2021?
     There will be all kinds of activities and games planned, and the always amazing hypnotist! Food will be brought in from different restaurants. Every attending senior is guaranteed a parting gift and will also be eligible to win other fabulous prizes!

How many LHS PGs have there been? How many seniors go?
     LHS seniors have attended Project Graduation events for more than 15 years. In recent years, over 85% of LHS graduating seniors attended their PG event, and those who attended had a great time!

How will LHS pay for PG2021? Where can I find more info?
     The PG2021 committee raises funds via grants, fundraisers (Auctions, Food Sales, concerts, fairs, Business/Restaurant participation nights), and donations from LHS Booster Clubs, senior families, local businesses and the greater Leander/Cedar Park community. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. PG2021 receives NO funding from LISD.